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There are numerous reasons for visiting New Zealand – or God’s own country!

Almost 30 years ago, Walter & Zita Speck, came here as visitors - to ski instruct, travel and to hunt and fell in love with Lake Tekapo.

Why move from Switzerland, also a very beautiful country, to Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud?

Why leave a life as an accountant, army officer, or in Zita’s case, as a high school teacher and principal , behind and start all over again in a far away land?

Well – love has got something to do with it! If you love nature, love a challenge and are a keen mountain hunter then New Zealand is (almost) paradise. We also saw the potential New Zealand had as a tourist destination.

We returned in 1985, again working for the local ski area. After our first son was born, we knew it was time to make a decision: we purchased a house at the shores of Lake Tekapo.

            The Family home became , the first B & B in town.

Walter’s passion for hunting and nature, his ability to be a team player and a leader, the ability to speak several languages, his knowledge of the European and the New Zealand way of hunting, his travel experiences and his willingness to share it all: 
                         A Hunting & Nature Tour Guide was born.

Our combined backgrounds gave us the confidence to set up a reliable, enjoyable and safe operation and here we are 25 years later: 
                                      @ 44south.com *

MID SOUTHERN TRACKS LTD,   Hunting & Nature Tours 
, Boutique Motel.

Through dedication and hard work, we were able to carve out a reputation for honest, challenging, unique hunting and nature tours; a reputation which we are very proud of.

Walter’s steadfast enthusiasm, patience and wide knowledge are not only appreciated and praised by his clients, but he is also well respected in the hunting circles. He is a founding member of the NZ Hunting Guides Association, a registered Outdoor Safety auditor and involved in the establishment of an official acknowledged game management in New Zealand.

We were able to expand , although still a small operation, we can offer our guests the choice of 7 very comfortable apartments in one of New Zealand most beautiful location. Again thanks to putting the emphasis on quality rather than quantity, we are enjoying the patronage of an ever increasing circle of loyal guests from all over the world.

Our two sons, Michael and Stefan, are very keen sports men and love the outdoors. They have left home to pursue their studies and carriers. But when ever they are home, they are a great support and assisting us in the every day task of running our guiding and accommodation business.

Yes, there are lots of different reasons why you should choose New Zealand as your next hunting, travelling holiday destination… it’s a country where not only Nature offers an amazing diversity, but also the people. It  would be our pleasure to introduce it to you.

Kia Ora and welcome to New Zealand
Come, have fun and relax @ 44south

With our best wishes
                                             Walter & Zita Speck

*44South Latitude runs in front of
* Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand

Our Goal:
to provide our guests with a
safe, enjoyable and successful outdoor experience.  

Stefan and Michael
...you learn no harm from the hills...  

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