44 south, guided hunting in New Zealand

Guided Hunting


We specialise in MOUNTAIN HUNTING for TAHR and CHAMOIS in the Mount Cook Region, New Zealand.

RED DEER in the foothills of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Our hunts are for the true hunter!

All our hunts are strictly free range and fair chase. We do not hunt in enclosures and use the helicopter only as a way of transport into the hunting area.

Mountain Hunting - Big Challenges - Great Rewards

We focus on a quality experience and not on quantity. This is reflected in the fact that we only guide a limited number of clients every year. The Tahr and Chamois, we take on private estates, have to be at least 5 years old and/or qualify for the SCI record book.

A good and honest hunting experience is the greatest trophy for a true hunter. Such an experience is only possible, when the land, the animals and the people are treated with respect.

'the true hunter loves the animals'
(Karen Blixen - author of 'Out of Africa')




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