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The Chamois (rupicapra rupicapra) are very graceful animals and challenging to hunt. They are held in high regard as the game animal of the European Alps. Gifted to New Zealand by the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef in 1907, it has found the perfect habitat in the Southern Alps. They are normally found at lower altitudes than Tahr, around 400m to 2000m asl.

If the Tahr represents strength and toughness, the Chamois represents elegance and agility.

Most of our Chamois hunts take place on public land on the West Coast of the South Island. (No trophy fees are payable for hunts on public land). For these hunts, we base ourselves in comfortable tent camps set in a spectacular landscape. Transport into the hunting area is by helicopter. Chamois hunting normally does require a lot of stalking and careful glassing.

Our carefully selected camp sites, close to the animals’ habitat, enhance the opportunities for great hunting.

During a 6 day hunt on public land we normally take between 2 and 4 animals (1 hunter / 1 guide).

There is also the possibility to hunt Chamois over private estates on the eastern side of the Alps. (Trophy fees are payable in those areas).

Good times to hunt Chamois are between February and November. The best times to hunt on the West Coast is between March and May. On the eastern side of the Alps hunting is very productive between April and August.

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