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Red Deer

The Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) is the classical and most sought after game animal from Europe. They are also the most numerous and widespread wild animals in New Zealand. The roar (mating season for Red Deer) in the autumn is a highlight for every deer hunter. Red Deer spend the days hidden in bush or scrub covered areas and come out in the late afternoon for feeding. During the morning they move back to their resting areas. The quality of the Red Deer trophies is high for free range standards. The trophies range from 8 to 14 points.

The time between night and day, when the first rays of light appear on the eastern horizon: waiting, listening to the natural quiet – the roar of a stag breaking the silence - there is no sweeter sound for the hunter – nothing else matters anymore, all our senses are alert…
…that's classical Deer stalking!

Deer hunting does involve a lot of glassing in the early mornings and evenings. After an animal is found the stalking times can vary from a few hours to the whole day. The stalking can be compared to the classic deer hunting in the Scottish Highlands - with the added challenge of the mountains.

Good times to hunt Red Deer is from end of February till August. Mating season (roar) for Red Deer is in the first half of April.

Timetable - Red Deer

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