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The magnificent Tahr (hemitragus jemlahicus) is one of the most impressive and most difficult animals to hunt in the mountains. Tahr are excellent climbers and they possess an incredible ability to camouflage themselves.

A mature Bull Tahr standing on a rocky outcrop in his dark winter coat, his long blonde mane moved by a breeze - or an old bull following his females in the rut, the impressive mane puffed up, almost doubling its size: a sight, which sends a shiver down your spine; a sight, you will never forget!

Tahr inhabit bluff systems close to tussock (snow grass) basins and sub-alpine scrub. They are found at altitudes from 1200m to 2400m asl.

To hunt Tahr in a free range, fair chase situation is a real challenge for every hunter.
  • our close proximity to exclusive hunting areas
  • our long running game management programmes
  • our knowledge, experience and dedication
  • ensures a very high success rate on our hunts
Most hunts for Tahr take place in the Mount Cook Region, on big sheep and cattle stations. There we have been able to manage the animals for many years. Because of this game management there is little hunting pressure in our areas and the trophy standard is very high.

Access into these hunting areas is by Four Wheel Drive. Accommodation is in musterer huts (cabins), farm cottages, or in tent camps. During the winter months we can also hunt from our base .

Tahr hunting does involve a lot of glassing from the valley floor. Once the right animal is selected, we plan a stalk. This involves climbing or walking up to the area, where we expect the animals to feed in the afternoon.

A Tahr hunter can expect to walk an altitude difference of about 200m to 1200m from the valley floor to the feeding areas.

Good times for Tahr hunting are from March until November. From middle of April to August the mature Bull Tahr are in their imposing winter coat. The mating season is late April, May and June.

The easiest time for a Tahr hunt is in springtime (middle of October - middle of November) the males (bulls) stay together in groups and come right down to the valley floors to feed on the fresh, green grass.

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To hunt in untamed mountains is one of the finest hunting experiences!  



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